Love these old ABA cards style. Plus you get to view a Dr. J rookie card.

American Basketball Association
  American Basketball Association


1986 Topps Bo Jackson Baseball Card

1986 Topps Bo Jackson baseball card
1986 Topps Bo Jackson baseball card










1987 Topps Bo Jackson baseball card

1987 topps bo jackson
1987 topps bo jackson

Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen

joe jack talcumSuper excited I printed this poster for Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen. The spring of 1989 was a great year of music for little Rochambo. It was an afterschool icebox raid and MTV pre-party, before we skated the local church parking lot.  Myself, a natural hoodlum, was enthralled and entertained of the music and video, while my fellow cohorts thought my new found heros were dumb. I yelled “Punk Rock Girl” lyrics for the next week.

Five years later, The Dead Milkmen played my hometown… but that’s a story to told later after the statute of limitations are up.

A Poison record was destroyed in the filming of this video

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The basis for this poster are from lyrics from “Dean’s Dream”.


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Banner Pilot

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